Warning: Excess Protein is Hazardous to Your Health and Fitness!

Wait a minute! We know that fat and cholesterol are hazardous to our health. You mean to tell me that too much protein is also hazardous to our health?Yes, absolutely! That is exactly what I am saying. I know that this may come as a complete surprise to you, but the truth is that many experts think that too much protein, particularly animal protein, is hazardous to your health!If a person consumes over 15% protein in his diet (beef typically has 26% protein – the rest is fat – and chicken has 61% protein – the rest is fat), then the body must get rid of that protein.In other words, the body stores very little protein. Certain organs are responsible for getting rid of the protein–namely the kidneys and liver. The more protein we eat, the harder the kidneys and liver have to work to excrete the protein. The result of overuse of these organs is obvious–premature wear and tear.Most Americans eat an over-abundance of animal protein from their foods every day, and then they load themselves up even more with protein powders and drinks and bars. We are protein crazy in this country! And it is to our demise, not to our benefit.So along with the wear and tear of the kidneys and the liver which is bad enough, why else is excess animal protein hazardous to your health?Excess protein makes the body more acidic, and these acids accumulate in the joints causing arthritis and gout.Animal protein is hard to digest so it is hard on the digestive system causing digestive problems.Animal protein is strongly associated with heart disease; no, not just the fat and cholesterol, but also the animal protein itself.Animal protein is associated with many kinds of cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer.In a huge study conducted in China by T. Colin Campbell, PhD., it was found that the groups of people who ate the most animal protein had, by far, the most heart disease and certain cancers. And the amount of animal protein did not have to go up very high in order for the disease numbers to go up also.And because the animal protein makes the body more acidic, the body has to neutralize the acid. It does so by pulling calcium out of the bones, and then we pee out the calcium.Why is this significant?It is believed that animal protein just happens to be one of the major contributors to osteoporosis in this country. This excess protein leaches the calcium out of our bones.So one of the best things you can do for yourself is to cut back, way back, on your consumption of meat protein and protein artificially loaded into other foods and pseudo-foods. In fact, your best bet for maximum health and fitness is to completely eliminate animal sources of protein.Load up on plant foods and get away from animal products–it just makes sense!

Health And Fitness Tips: Is It Possible To Lose Weight in 3 Days

Is it possible to lose weight in 3 days? If so, how many pounds can one lose within such a short period of time? Due to the unhealthy lifestyle that a majority of people lead nowadays, there are millions of individuals worldwide who are grappling with weight issues. However, having seen the affect which their weight has on their lives, most are seeking for different means to shed off some of that excess fat.Drastic weight loss in three days is supported by a theory that dates back to 1985 commonly referred to as, “the 3 day diet.” There is no documented evidence which supports this hypothesis. However, it has been kept alive by the replicas of “the 3 day diet” that keeps on floating around the World Wide Web. The regimen promises individuals who adhere to it at least 10 pounds of lost weight. Health and fitness experts believe that, a large amount of that weight is probably as a result of fluid loss and not actually the desired fat loss. In as much as most folks would like to believe that they can lose 10 pounds in exactly three days, in reality losing that much of body mass within the specified time frame is not simply feasible. But, were it to be possible, it would not come without adverse health consequences. A rule of the thumb in weight management is, “if it took you 4 months to gain 20 pounds, it will take you an equal amount of time to get rid of the same weight healthily.”Having seen the desire in a majority of people to lose weight fast, the article aspires to offer pointers on how to lose weight fast and healthily and not the “lose weight in 3 days” fad. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the ideas provided herein will not guarantee you a minimum of 10 pounds weight loss. The most important thing is to be positive about the routine. Should you not notice a difference in your body mass after a three day period, do not give up instead carry on with the routine for the next couple of months. A common mistake made by hundreds of individuals seeking for quick weight shortfall is, high expectations. 90% plus of persons who do not realize their goals often fall back to their poor eating habits thus continuing the vicious cycle.First and foremost, for the next three days, desist from eating food rich in sugar, especially refined sugar. Get rid of all convectional sources of carbohydrates. Do not consume foods, i.e. pasta, cookies, bread, donuts, soda, oatmeal, pizza, ice cream, bagel, French fries and rice amongst other types of carbohydrates. All the sugar that your body requires can be obtained wholly from fresh fruits and vegetables, for example, spinach, cauliflower, cabbages and broccoli amongst other green leafy vegetables. Where possible, avoid taking breakfast. If you cannot do without three meals in a day, then the best thing is to spread them into at least 5 meals per day. In simple terms, eat small portions of meals more frequently so as to avoid getting hungry. In addition, drink plenty of water. Health and fitness experts advise a minimum of 8 glasses of water.To lose weight in 3 days can be possible but, as stated earlier the difference could be due to lost body fluids.

Online Education (Teacher Education) Degree Program Options

Teaching is an essential part of society; it’s how the leaders and workers in many industries are able to step into their career. Education is utilized from grade school to college, which makes understanding how to teach others an important and needed skill. Teacher education degree programs can be completed online allowing students to step into the career of their choice.Students that want to become a teacher have many training options to choose from. Online training offers students these main options, which include:*Elementary EducationDegree programs prepare students to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. Although professionals only teach one grade, education encompasses the knowledge needed to teach at all levels. Most online colleges have students choose a concentration area like English or math. Students then proceed to complete their training while learning how to specifically teach in that area. Courses may include math for teachers, education technologies, and teaching techniques. The completed curriculum prepares students to become licensed in their chosen area.*Secondary EducationStudents that want to teach sixth to twelfth grade should enter a training program in this concentration. Like elementary education students choose a subject as a concentration. Online education is comprehensive and examines the theories and practices used to teach children and adolescents. Student’s work primarily through the content in their chosen field, which allows them to teach at all education levels in this category. All students take the same foundational courses and specialization courses are taken separately. Literacy, classroom management, and human development are some common foundational courses.*Special EducationStudents work through a specific curriculum that allows them to educate individuals that suffer from mental disabilities like autism. To become a special education teacher students study areas like developmental linguistics, learning procedures, course designs, and content strategies. Most programs for this category are offered online at the master’s degree level.*Student Teaching RequirementStudents need to be aware that student teaching is required to gain licensure. For online learning this will incorporate students finding a school in their town that will allow them to student teach inside a classroom to gain experience. This is typically a semester long course, which requires students to record their teaching activities and work with the classroom’s teacher on improving their teaching abilities.Elementary and secondary education teaching positions require students to have at least a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree prepares students to increase their teaching ability and knowledge on their subject. Students can also complete a master’s degree program to enter leadership roles in schools. Doctoral study is typically the route taken by students that want to become college professors. Students can complete associate degree programs in teaching, which prepare them to become teacher assistants.Education online is a convenient way for students to enter a career as a teacher. Students should research the schooling options for their chosen subject and begin training today. Enrollment in an accredited online school or college will give students the quality educational training they deserve. Agencies like the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education ( http://www.ncate.org/ ) are approved to fully accredit qualifying education training programs online.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.Copyright 2010 – All rights reserved by PETAP.org.