The Euro, E-Commerce and Your Web Host

The unification of the 12 Euro zone countries under one monetary currency, the Euro, has revolutionized business dealings in these countries. This step in monetary aggregation has also further escalated eCommerce in Europe.The surprising growth of e-commerce within the Euro zone countries has brought about a lot of drastic changes in terms of business transactions and dealings. Both business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) marketing and sales efforts have been readily done through the internet with ease and efficiency. In order for European companies to go along with the competition, more and more companies seek the services of reliable web hosting companies throughout Europe.What has currency unification got to do with this?The unification of the European nations under one monetary currency has removed the threat of currency fluctuations so investors can feel more assured of stable currencies and exchange rates in the region. Under the Euro, all 12 Euro zone countries have considerable advantage when it comes to transactions within the European border. Investors and companies need not worry about the losses caused by abrupt monetary fluctuations which are seldom predicted. Thus, the effort and the manpower that have been allotted in managing this currency risk could now be diverted to tasks that may bring in more revenues for the company.Aside from this, financial transparency is a natural consequence of the Euro unification scheme and this is very desirable from the point of view of businessmen and investors. Plus, companies could also save a valuable amount of capital allotted for currency exchange fees that are commonly done when doing international transactions with countries of different currencies.Why the Demand in eCommerce?E-Commerce provides the fastest, most convenient and cheapest mode of international transaction. It therefore comes as no surprise that the unification of most European countries under the same currency has increased both the effectiveness and convenience of e-commerce. Consumers in the European Union no longer have to worry about differing currencies and exchange rate fees when processing transactions over the Internet. The price of a merchandise that they see advertised is what they get, so they’re no longer be hesitant in engaging in e-commerce transactions.Web Host for e-commerce businessesWith the increased e-commerce activity that the currency unification has induced, businesses now have more incentive to engage in e-commerce. However, they must carefully consider what web hosting company they’ll be using.European web hosting companies in Europe are typically not adequately equipped to cope with the more rigorous demands of e-commerce transactions. Most of them offer only the most basic services, and e-commerce websites definitely need more than just bandwidth and space. They require excellent support, tailored applications, stringent security, and great efficiency from the web hosting companies.

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Create Affiliate Websites Using a Premium WordPress E-Commerce Theme

If you have considered the prospect of making money on the internet, you may have been looking into different ways on how to do this. Indeed, there are many different ways to make money online – with some ways more worthwhile than others. There’s so much information out there on the web that it can be very easy to become confused about which money making route to take. In this article, however, I will focus on one increasingly popular method of making money online: creating affiliate websites.So if you’re reading this you may well be thinking: how do I create an affiliate website? Well if you have no idea about how to do this it can, potentially, be a steep learning curve. But in all honesty in needn’t be. Setting an affiliate website using a premium WordPress e-commerce theme makes setting up an affiliate website a doddle. This is largely due to the fact that there are many web-designers out there on the web who design high quality premium e-commerce themes for WordPress at a relatively low price. So for a relatively low price you can buy a ready made e-commerce website based on the WordPress platform without having to worry about hiring an expensive web-designer to build you a site. And what’s more, the great thing about WordPress is its ease-of-use. Literally, you’ll be able to use your chosen premium e-commerce theme to transform your WordPress blog into a fully functional affiliate website within minutes.So how can one make money with an affiliate website? Well, you’ll use your website to promote other people’s products, and if those products sell, you will earn commission. The amount of commission you can earn usually depends on the conditions of the affiliate program you’re signed up to. So let’s say that you just signed up with Amazon as an affiliate and you want to promote their products, all you’ll need to do is create an affiliate store with one of the many premium WordPress e-commerce themes on the market. Some themes will allow you to enter your Amazon associates ID via the back-end of WordPress whilst some other themes may require you to create affiliate links manually using your Amazon associates account. I’m definitely an advocate of those themes that allow you to perform the former. I’m also an advocate of those premium e-commerce themes that feature an Amazon product import tool. This handy tool utilises Amazon’s API feature which will in turn allow you to import a multitude of Amazon products at any one time.And it’s this sort of feature of a premium e-commerce theme that will save you a considerable amount of time and energy. I mean, if you were to use your own blog to promote Amazon products you’d need to list your products manually one-by-one which would be arduous, especially, if you’re planning to promote a large number of products. And in the end, the more Amazon products that sell, the more commission you’ll earn. Of course, I have only spoken about Amazon in this article up and until now, but the truth is that this theme can be used together with any affiliate partner program, and you can rest assured that there are plenty of programs out there on the web to choose from! Indeed, a standard Google search on the phrase ‘affiliate program’ will yield a large number of results. Some of the other real advantages to using a premium WordPress e-commerce theme is its layout, its look, its professionalism, and again its ease-of-use. WordPress is so user friendly that virtually anyone can use it.